Spray Foam Insulation: The Superior Choice

The Catskills, NY

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Home Foam Insulation has been helping the residents of the Catskill Mountain region of New York and surrounding areas save on energy bills for more than 10 years. Our unique spray foam insulation can reduce your heating costs by up to 50 percent, will increase overall home energy efficiency and is a permanent solution because it will not deteriorate or sag over time.

Our spray foam insulation works throughout your entire house, from the attic to the basement and everywhere in between. It is a superior choice to other forms of insulation for many reasons, including its density, energy efficiency, fire retardant properties and ability to block air transfer. Because spray foam is so energy efficient, it often pays for itself in just five years.

Let our professionals evaluate your property and provide you with the most cost-effective options to fully insulate your home so you can start saving today. 

Save Money

Our spray foam insulation will increase home energy efficiency, can reduce energy costs by up to 50 percent and will often pay for itself in just five years. 

A Permanent Solution

We can insulate any area of your home or business with spray foam and create a permanent solution to your insulation needs. Spray foam does not sag or deteriorate over time and acts as an excellent barrier to air transfer, as well as insects, rodents and red squirrels.

Fire Protection

Our foam is an “Appendix X” rated product, which means it can be sprayed into crawl spaces and attics and remain without a fire barrier because of its ability to stop the spread of flame.